Redlands Hockey Association holds fun day to thank sponsors

THE Redlands Hockey season is ending with a celebration and awards presentations this weekend.

During the season the association held a fun day that recognised their sponsors and enabled players to showcase their skills.

The Redlands Hockey Association had 13 junior teams from the under 7 to under 17 age groups playing on the day.

Association president Paul Sciberras said the support of sponsors helped them provide facilities, equipment, coaching and mentoring.

Sponsorship also helped players attend state championships and tournaments.

“Hockey is a growing winter sport in the Redlands,” Mr Sciberras said.

“We have seen many people eventually bringing in the whole family.

“The plus side of joining Redlands Hockey is that our games are always at Henry Ziegenfusz Park and we have a culture of family and fun.”

The association has more than 400 members and players in about 30 teams across seven age divisions, as well as men’s and women’s teams.