Friends for Life raises funds to help youths at risk at RPAC on September 23

The Popera Belles comprising soprano Bernadette Fisher and contemporary chanteuse, Lucy McIntosh will raise funds for youth at risk as part of staging Popera Belles in Friends for Life at RPAC at 2pm on September 23.

Joining Popera Belles is Redland soprano, Leah Lever, 15 to perform The Prayer and You Raise Me Up, and classical arias including The Flower Duet from Lakme. The show will also feature blockbusters from hit musicals such as The Greatest Showman and Phantom of the Opera.

“Lucy and I have been performing with Popera Classics Collection for more than a decade, and it’s always so thrilling when this amazing group combines classical and contemporary voices to create a beautifully unique sound and atmosphere”, Ms Fisher said.

“The audience will be completely blown away by the diverse repertoire and powerful presentation of the cast.”

Benefiting from the concert will be I Can I Will, a group which promotes inclusion, to reduce bullying, for youth suicide prevention. Suicide is the most common cause of death in children and young adolescents in Australia with suicide rates the highest in 10 years. Additionally, those with special needs are more likely to be bullied.

I Can I Will creates its own special television episodes where celebrities link with children with special needs who have been bullied. 

“When we became aware of the essential work thatI Can I Will does for our vulnerable children and youth at risk of suicide we were moved to do all we could to help out. We approached Redlands City Council to sponsor a performance at RPAC and were delighted when sponsorship was approved. Several months on, here we are, busily preparing for what we know will be a wonderful, uplifting show with something for everyone,” Ms Fisher said.

 Tickets for this family-friendly afternoon of music are $10-$24. Book on 3829 8131 or (booking fees are $4.30 by phone and $5 online per transaction).