Locally Sourced to play at RPAC on October 12

LOCAL: Ensemble Trivium players prepare for a concert at RPAC on October 12. Photo by Chris Dixon of Nick Did This.
LOCAL: Ensemble Trivium players prepare for a concert at RPAC on October 12. Photo by Chris Dixon of Nick Did This.

Locally Sourced brings together some of Brisbane’s most virtuosic classical and jazz musicians for a diverse and colourful program of new compositions to engage, inspire and provoke at Redland Performing Arts Centre at 7pm on October 12.

The show is proudly Brisbane produced, composed and performed.

Trivium member Monika Koerner said RPAC is well known as an excellent performance venue and this was a chance to share our program with the people of the Redlands.

Presented by Ensemble Trivium, Locally Sourced promises a journey through traditional harmonic landscapes to less explored terrain, and from the highs of rhythmic intensity to states of lyrical meditative calm. With works inspired by fiction, dance and explorations of states of change, expect a vibrant evening of exhilarating new chamber music.

Ensemble Trivium members Monika Koerner (flute) and Glenn Prohasky (bassoon) joined by guest artists Nozomi Omote (percussion) and Nicholas Harmsen (clarinet), perform pieces from composers Robert Davidson (Topology), John Parker (Trichotomy), Steve Newcomb, Rafael Karlen and Thomas Green.

Ms Koerner described the concert as having parts that are strongly melodic and familiar, some are challenging in a good way and other parts have driving rhythms which will make you want you to get up and dance. 

“The concert features a sensational combination of instruments and is a rare opportunity to hear a marimba in a chamber music setting, with Nazomi’s playing of this deep-toned xylophone simply mesmerising. That’s what makes us unique – this unusual combination of instruments. When we commissioned the works, we wanted flute and bassoon with the addition of either a clarinet or percussion. We gave the composers free range and we are thrilled with the result,” she said.

“The music is fun to listen to and very accessible. It is rhythmic, lyrical and a good mix of calm and upbeat pieces.”

Featuring outfits by fashion designer Sharka Bosakova, Locally Sourced is a feast for the senses. Tickets are $25 - $30 and can be booked on 3829 8131 or rpac.com.au (booking fees are $4.30 by phone and $5 online per transaction).