Adam Liaw launches cookbook Destination Flavour at the Grand View Hotel

Destination Flavour’s Adam Liaw found a new destination when he launched his recipe book at the Grand View Hotel on September 13.

Liaw said the book showcased the multicultural way people ate.

“I think food and cooking is the best way to tell stories. This book looks at the way the dish comes to the dinner table and that is influenced by climate, the people, work. What ends up on the table ends up there for a reason. In the same way that music is not all about the notes, food is not all about the ingredients,” he said.

Guests were treated to fare from the book with Liaw offering a story about each course and its origins.

He spoke about the difference between taste and flavour, saying that making food taste good was as simple as understanding how it achieved that.

He also spoke about the process of both writing a cook book and working on a television show.

“Cooking should always be a fast and easy process. A cook book needs to have order and be consistent and concise. But most importantly, I want every recipe to tell a story,” he said.

Liaw’s cooking tip: Make pancake batter the night before and let it rest in the fridge for a fluffier pancake.