Redlands is hot-spot for paranormal activity with dozens of UFO sightings reported

SHOW HOSTS: Sifu and Cosmic Girl host a show on Bay FM about all things paranormal.
SHOW HOSTS: Sifu and Cosmic Girl host a show on Bay FM about all things paranormal.

THE Redlands is a paranormal activity hot-spot, with dozens of UFO reports having been made over the years.

This is according to radio show hosts Sifu and Cosmic Girl, who talk about all things paranormal on Bay FM every Friday night.

Sifu (otherwise known as Philippe) said paranormal investigation teams came to the Redlands Coast to do many private investigations at houses and businesses.

"These including hauntings, poltergeist activity and other types of spirit attachments," he said.

UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall, who uses Cosmic Girl as her radio show name, said the Redlands could be the subject of higher numbers of reports of unidentified flying objects because it was near Moreton Bay.

"We know that UFOs will appear over large bodies of water like lakes, dams, rivers and oceans," she said.

"Why, we don't know."

They'll look and see this big green disk gliding underneath the water.

Sifu talking about stories from fishermen on Moreton Bay

One report documented by UFORQ just last month came from a Macleay Island couple returning home after dinner.

"The woman described seeing eight red lights in a huge rectangular shape, as if she was looking at the lights on the bottom of something, now moving slowly, but then moving in a swift dive down from the sky at a steep angle like a kamikaze pilot," the report said.

"The object was not very high, above the tree-tops, and moving very fast in a downward direction.

"Then they lost sight of it behind a container about 15 feet ahead of them.

"The male driver has an interest in aviation and estimated the height of the object, when he first saw it, as being 1000 to 1500 feet high with the object itself being approximately 100 feet by 50 feet."

Sifu said fishermen had also told him about UFO sightings on Moreton Bay.

"I am talking about not one or two fishermen but quite a few, that have said they've been out on the bay fishing in the wee hours of the morning and they'll hear a slight buzzing sound or whirring sound," he said.

"They'll look and see this big green disk gliding underneath the water.

"The same fishermen have seen lights coming out of and plunging into the bay."

The program keeps people up to date with paranormal and extra-terrestrial happenings.

​Ms Gottschall said the paranormal was more than ghost hunting.

It included things like near-death experiences, death bed visions, out-of-body experiences and seeing apparitions.

Ms Gottschall said there was increasingly less scepticism about UFO sightings, while near-death experiences had been taken more seriously since the medical profession started to do research.

Sifu and Cosmic Girl's show is on Bay FM 100.3 at 10pm each Friday.

Sifu said the program kept people up to date with paranormal and extra-terrestrial happenings.

The hosts encouraged listeners to report experiences.

Sifu said it was common for people to keep paranormal experiences to themselves, sometimes for decades, for fear of stigma and negative reactions.

The one-hour show catered for a wide audience.

"We've got the die hard enthusiasts out there that live breath and eat everything paranormal, to everyday people that have had one or two experiences or exposures in their life that they can't explain," he said.

Sifu and Cosmic Girl can also be contacted via the Facebook page Strange Encounters Downunder.