Federal election 2019: Hear from the candidates in the seat of Bowman

Hear from Bowman's federal election candidates

SIX people have been endorsed as candidates for the seat of Bowman for the federal election on May 18.

The Bulletin has given each candidate the opportunity to submit information about themselves and their policies, together with a video and photo.

The federal election will see incumbent Andrew Laming (LNP) contest the seat of Bowman in a battle against Labor's Tom Baster, Emerald Moon from the Greens, United Australia Party's Shane Clarke, Glen Wadsworth from Pauline Hanson's One Nation and David Anderson of Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

The candidates are listed below.

Incumbent Andrew Laming: Liberal National Party

Andrew Laming, LNP candidate for Bowman

"WHEN leaving eye surgery to become the federal MP for Redland City, I vowed to turn my passion for our area into action.

"That means action on Redland Hospital by funding car parking and more importantly a $30 million boost to clinical services benefiting patients, action on congestion-busting road upgrades and action on community safety and CCTV cameras.

"Essential services like schools and healthcare can never play second fiddle to big bureaucracy and red tape.

"Redlands is a great place but we have to stop doing studies and start building infrastructure, before the development arrives, not decades after.

Andrew Laming

Andrew Laming

"The federal Liberal National government is helping to create more jobs and lowering the cost of living. Local jobs and better services rely on a strong economy.

"That's why I support fixing the budget, backing local small business, lowering taxes, investing in Redlands infrastructure, boosting our exports and making your electricity more affordable.

"Locals don't need more political promises but they do want a representative who will stand up for them and address and deal with their concerns.

"Redland Hospital has become the poor cousin in our region, and our major roads are completely inadequate. I won't be distracted from fixing these vital areas for your family."

Tom Baster: Labor

Tom Baster, Labor candidate for Bowman

"AFTER six years of LNP cuts and chaos it is time to get Australia and our community of Bowman back on track with a progressive Labor government and a Labor federal member of Parliament.

"If you want better hospitals and schools, vote Labor. If you want a united and stable government, vote Labor. If you want to get wages moving and not more tax loopholes for the rich, vote Labor. If you want real action on climate change, not more chaos, vote Labor. And if you want a fair go for all Australians, vote Labor.

Tom Baster

Tom Baster

"If I am elected as the member for Bowman on May 18 I will be hard working, diligent and a proud member in a Bill Shorten Labor government.

"I will work co-operatively and constructively with our state members, the Redland City Council and our community groups to get the outcomes we need.

"Bowman is a great community but it can be made better.

"If elected it would be an honour and privilege to serve as your federal member of Parliament, working hard on your behalf."

Emerald Moon: Greens

Emerald Moon, Greens candidate for Bowman

"I PROMISE to return political power to the community, and out of the hands of vested corporate interests.

"Ordinary people are facing huge challenges, like insecure work, rising costs of living, a lack of affordable housing and dangerous climate change.

"But the Liberal/National and Labor parties are more interested in repeating eight-second media grabs, constantly changing leaders and mud-slinging than giving us real solutions.

"Right now there are at least 260 people without a home in the Redlands. Instead of treating this as an unsightly inconvenience, the Greens will build 500,000 sustainable, affordable community homes over the next 15 years - 1960 in Bowman.

Emerald Moon

Emerald Moon

"We will cover dental under Medicare and redirect the $6 billion currently spent on propping up private health insurance companies towards our public health system, funding local services like the Redland Hospital.

"We will bring back free uni and TAFE and make childcare free for low income families.

"For the 4,700 people in our community currently receiving Newstart, we will raise their allowance by $75 per week, injecting $20,280,000 into local businesses.

"We will take real action on climate change, create 180,000 new jobs in a planned transition towards 100 per cent renewables, and lower power bills by creating a publicly owned energy retailer.

"The Greens don't take corporate political donations, so we'll actually work for the community."

Shane Clarke: United Australia Party

Shane Clarke, United Australia Party candidate for Bowman

"I GREW grew up on a sheep and wheat station in Western Australia and have had an interesting and varied working life including international experience and running my own business.

"I have worked in diverse industries including telecommunications, the army reserve and supermarkets.

"Ten years ago I moved to the Redlands with my wife and children to escape the rat race in Sydney where living in a busy suburb on a 400 square metre block meant my family's quality of life was increasingly compromised by over-development.

Shane Clarke

Shane Clarke

"The quality of life that I and my family enjoy in the Redlands is what drew me here and I do not want to see this destroyed by the same issues that made life in Sydney undesirable.

"Like many, I am frustrated by the current political climate in Australia that sees the major parties treat people with contempt while the elected members spend our money to meet their own agendas.

"Both the Liberal and Labor parties have failed us and, this election, are fixated on the lollies they are handing out to various segments of society without a vision for Australia.

"I vehemently believe our politicians should be doing better and am standing as a candidate for Bowman to ensure that we get fair representation.

"As a former Defence Force member, I understand the notion of service, something that is sorely lacking in the current crop of career politicians. A vote for me is a vote for a fair go."

David Anderson: Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

David Anderson, Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party candidate for Bowman

"I AM David Anderson, endorsed candidate for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

"I'm 34 and run a local electrical and air conditioning business.

"I am a very locally-minded person and love being a part of the community.

"I have decided to enter politics as I have become extremely disheartened with our representation at the highest level. I want to represent, the average hard-working Australian people who keep the country going, while protecting our retirees, farmers and industry.

"I am sick of the anti-western policies handed down from the United Nations including the Paris agreement, unrealistic renewable targets and the United Nations migration pact.

David Anderson

David Anderson

"I want to help the people of our nation and our community be prosperous and reclaim our identities, encourage people to be truthful to themselves and others no matter the consequences.

"I will fight to protect freedom of speech and to abolish Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

"Locally I would like to see improvements to our basic services, better phone reception, more parking with included surveillance (bay islands), cheaper transportation and barge fares for residents and more community organisations and events.

"I believe this is the most important election of modern times."

Glen Wadsworth, Pauline Hanson's One Nation

NO information had been received from this candidate at the time of publication.