Electoral Commission Queensland finds that Andrew Laming paid developer for billboard use

THE Queensland Electoral Commission has found that the Liberal National Party was not given the use of a developer's billboard for an election sign for MP Andrew Laming.

In a letter to Mr Laming, ECQ acting manager Matthew Thurlby said he was satisfied the LNP paid for the billboard and did not receive the advertisement as a gift.

Earlier this month Labor MP Don Brown asked the electoral commission to investigate the use of the billboard at Thornlands, arguing that Mr Laming may have breached developer political donation laws.

Mr Brown said in a letter to the ECQ that he believed a donation or gift had been made by property developer Harridan to the LNP and Mr Laming.

Mr Thurlby said the matter was now finalised.

"...I have received documentation from the Liberal National Party of Queensland which confirms that Harridan issued an invoice to the LNP for the use of the billboard and that the invoiced amount was paid," Mr Thurlby said.

Mr Thurlby said the complaint alleged Mr Laming or the LNP had received a gift from Harridan, a company that may be a prohibited donor.

Mr Brown also levelled the accusations in Parliament this week, saying that the Mr Laming was resorting to developer donations to try to win his seat in Saturday's federal election.

Mr Laming - who holds his seat by a 7.1 per cent margin - has maintained that the accusations were baseless and he was following the law.

"We've always used billboards in campaigns and ... in the case of a developer (owned billboard) I would always pay commercial rates because I am not stupid," Mr Laming said.