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Good life: Retirement villages are well-located communities of like-minded people such as Renaissance Retirement Living in Victoria Point. Visit:

Good life: Retirement villages are well-located communities of like-minded people such as Renaissance Retirement Living in Victoria Point. Visit:

Recent changes to the government care scheme means consumers now have the decision-making power on how they allocate their own funding allowance.

In other words, which services they require and who they want to provide them.

This development brings with it a push towards more higher care services being delivered at home and most senior Australians want to stay in their own home for as long as possible.

What's the difference between receiving these services in a family home or while living in a retirement village?

"It's a good question because now, and even more so from next year, people will be able to access the same level of care in their family home as they can in a retirement village," said Renaissance Retirement Living Victoria Point operations manager Andrew Carins.

However, there are a few differences to note:

Cost of Care: It is more cost effective to receive care in a retirement village setting than in your family home.

This is because the care provider can supply services to more people in one location, creating efficiencies such as travel, scheduling and administration.

Delivery of Care Services: The effectiveness of delivery can be enhanced or hindered by your style of accommodation.

For example, a retirement village is usually purpose built to support retirees as they age including larger door frames, open plan living areas and ramps.

Villa layouts include design features to enhance livability and comfort for seniors and function well when services are being delivered.

A family home typically has a number of stairs and narrow door frames, bathrooms and hallways.

Social Needs: While cost and delivery of services are practical components, long term social needs should also be duly considered.

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Ensuring emotional and psychological needs continue to be met as human beings is a growing problem in our aged community.

Staying in the family home can often exacerbate this real issue of social isolation.

Retirement villages are communities of like-minded people which are usually conveniently located to major amenities such as shopping, health and wellness facilities and transport.

But more importantly they also provide a host of services and activities within the village itself only a short distance from each dwelling.

"More often than not, the family home is not located in a position of such convenience and particularly if it becomes necessary to relinquish car ownership," said Andrew.

Aging in place is important, especially when there's no place like home.

"The challenge is deciding on where to make 'home' and finding somewhere that meets your wants and needs, now and in the future."