Creative master classes are coming to the Redland Sporting Club

CREATIVES: Andrea Smith is hosting a series of master classes for creative people at the Redland Sporting Club. Photo: Sarah Lyness

CREATIVES: Andrea Smith is hosting a series of master classes for creative people at the Redland Sporting Club. Photo: Sarah Lyness

Mini master classes are being held at the Redlands Sporting Club, Wellington Point from 9.30am to noon from September 28 to July 2020 for creative people to help solve their business struggles.

The classes are being held by creatives strategist Andrea Smith who brings a wealth of knowledge of the music and arts industry to the table.

Ms Smith has designed the classes so that arts people can focus on their craft, but also learn useful skills, tips and tricks to help start or grow their creative business.

The 10-session series will cover the aspects of running a business that creatives typically struggle with, focussing on marketing, tax, pricing, copyright management, gaining publicity, grant writing and crowd funding.

Each topic presented will be of relevance to creative people of all disciplines, including musicians, visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, writers, filmmakers, fashion designers, those practising handicrafts and other makers.

As a creative practitioner herself, Andrea said she understood and had experienced the exact struggles that are a fact of life for creative people the world over.

Andrea's wealth of knowledge and the hands-on experience gained has allowed her to educate and mentor the current and future creative generations, helping them to shortcut their success in their own creative career.

Since 1996, as a creative business educator, Andrea has trained thousands of students, many who have since travelled all over the world pursuing their talents and building a successful business for themselves.

"I have a passion for helping visual, performing, and craft artists become more sustainable as a business and running trainings and events that will help them get closer to their dream business," Ms Smith said.

"My events differ from normal business training as all the speakers are experts in their area that either running their own successful creative business or carefully handpicked by me to impart the exact information that creatives need to know to start or grow a thriving creative business. Regular business events don't know how to speak to the unique needs of creative people and arts groups then to put on trainings more focused around improving the art, not the business. Applause Genie produces events by creatives for creatives making them unique."

Ms Smith will present the first master class, and will focus on solutions to five of the major things that creative people typically struggle with, including imposter syndrome, and juggling a business and day job.

Having suffered all of the five limiting beliefs and worked on ways to combat them,Ms Smith will share the things that have worked for her to help her work toward her best business ever.

Tickets are $12. Enquiries and bookings to The workshops are sponsored by Queensland Government, Redland City Council, Applause Genie, Redlands Sporting

Club, RedArts and Binary Music. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Redland City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.