Crafty Capalaba woman creates detailed Halloween scenes | Photos

HALLOWEEN has come early in one Capalaba household, with ghosts, ghouls and all manner of spooky creatures emerging around the house.

Karen Graham, who lives on Mount Cotton Road, has spent hundreds of hours over four years crafting homemade decorations from everyday items like loofahs, polystyrene balls, wool, old bottles, gloves and feathers shed by the family's pet birds.

Her collection, now being set up around the family home, includes a potions table, complete with dragon scales and werewolf fur, and a graveyard.

Ms Graham said she had always had a creative mind and loved to deck out her home for all sorts of occasions, including Easter, Christmas, Father's Day, Australia Day and family birthdays.

"The first dress that I made for myself, I would have been about five or six," she said.

While she also does decorations for special events like weddings, Ms Graham said her work was primarily a labour of love.

"I do it because I enjoy it."

She said themed dinner parties were always a hit.

Husband Steven said he was always impressed with the level of detail that went into every one of Ms Graham's pieces.

"You just keep noticing new things about them," he said.

Ms Graham will continue to add to her decorations until Halloween on October 31.