Victoria Point resident Paul Moore calls for petrol price drop as oil prices fall to 18-year low

VICTORIA Point resident Paul Moore has called for a fair go at the petrol bowser, claiming motorists in his suburb are being stung with dearer fuel than those living 10km away.

RIP-OFF: Price disparity at Victoria Point and Redland Bay pumps has raised the ire of motorists.

RIP-OFF: Price disparity at Victoria Point and Redland Bay pumps has raised the ire of motorists.

Mr Moore said motorists could fill up with unleaded petrol for $1.09 a litre at Cornubia or $1.01 on the motorway to the Gold Coast but were being charged about 20c more at Victoria Point and Redland Bay.

He said significant price disparities could be seen across suburbs and interstate despite oil prices hitting an 18-year low due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"There is something seriously wrong that the folks at Victoria Point and Redland Bay aren't getting a fair deal," Mr Moore said.

"A lot of people have lost their jobs and are trying to make ends meet. They certainly don't need to be slugged."

Mr Moore said struggling families and the elderly would be among the hardest hit by the 20c a litre disparity.

He said many older drivers would not leave their home suburb, denying them the chance to find a better price elsewhere.

"People say that you can shop around and you can fill-up at Coorparoo or Sunnybank if you are working there," Mr Moore said.

"You can't say that to all the old people and young people that are struggling to make ends meet at the minute.

"You can't tell me that it costs 20c a litre more to drive a tanker from Capalaba or Brisbane down to Victoria Point or Redland Bay. It just doesn't hold water."

The Redland City Bulletin contacted leading fuel retailers Caltex and BP for comment but they did not respond to questions.

Mr Moore said he had suspected price gouging after seeing a rapid change in petrol value at local fuel retailers last week.

"I went in to Caltex Woolworths at Victoria Point to fill my truck up. A tanker arrived just as I was driving out of the station," he said.

"I went home and then I came back to Bunnings and the diesel and petrol had dropped in price.

"Within 10 minutes, every other store in Victoria Point and Redland Bay had changed their price to match Caltex."

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