Resident calls for more disability parking at Victoria Point boat ramp after receiving ticket from council for parking in trailer bays

A VICTORIA Point resident is calling on council to install more disabled parking spaces near the Masters Avenue boat ramp after she received a ticket in December for parking her car in an area reserved for trailers.

TIME FOR CHANGE: A Victoria Point resident wants more parking near the Masters Avenue boat ramp.

TIME FOR CHANGE: A Victoria Point resident wants more parking near the Masters Avenue boat ramp.

The resident, who did not want to be named, suffers from knee and back issues and said she had no choice but to find an alternate parking spot because the seven disability spaces at the ferry terminal were occupied.

She said she parked in the trailer bays as her condition required her door to be completely open while entering and exiting a vehicle and she had been advised not to walk more than 100 metres at a time.

Her disability parking permit was on full display when the fine was issued.

"My dad was out on the boat one Sunday and I went down to help him but there were literally no car parks," she said.

"I am sure I am not the only disabled person in Victoria Point that wants to go and sit at a boat ramp or help at a boat ramp.

"In those trailer bays and those car parking areas, there is not a disabled car park on the boat ramp side of Victoria Point.

"The only disabled car parks are around near the ferry terminal and they are 98 per cent taken up 24 hours a day by residents on the islands."

The resident disputed the fine earlier this year hoping to have it rescinded but said a response from council stated that the fine would still need to be paid regardless of her special circumstances.

"As soon as I got the letter, I went into council and filled out the form to dispute it," she said.

"About three weeks ago, I received a letter saying there is a reminder to pay the bill. I went into council and said 'no, there is a dispute in the system'.

"Then I received another letter dated April 17 and basically it says I have to pay for the fine."

A council spokesperson said vehicles were allowed to park in the trailer bays at the ferry terminal during the week but the spaces were reserved for boat trailers on weekends.

"Council is meeting its legislative requirements and believes there are enough disability parking bays at this location," the spokesperson said.

"Council currently has an agreement in place with Volunteer Marine Rescue Victoria Point, which has approval to alter the signs if unfavourable boating weather conditions exist.

"This means motorists may be able to use the boat trailer parking bays on weekends when boat users are unlikely to need them. Motorists are encouraged to check they are parking in accordance with signage."

The resident said there was a need for more disabled car parks across Victoria Point, especially near the boat ramp.

"I think I counted about 17 possible individual car parks at the boat ramp but not one of them is for disabled parking," she said.

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