ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | Protecting your private life online

Use technology safely. Photo: Shutterstock
Use technology safely. Photo: Shutterstock

Young people and their families should be able to enjoy technology without having their privacy invaded.

Here's how to stay private online.

When using videoconferencing platforms like Zoom:

  • Set strong, unique meeting passwords
  • Keep passwords private
  • Restrict meetings to people you've met face-to-face and trust
  • Lock meetings
  • Keep guests in waiting rooms until the host checks them in
  • Mute or exit troublesome guests
  • Make sure there's nothing in shot that would compromise your privacy - for example, a school photo on the wall or a bill on the fridge.

Beware of messages from strangers inviting you to open files or click links. These could be scams to steal your data. They might include surprise invitations to video meetups or 'special deals' related to COVID-19.

Check your social media accounts are set to the highest privacy level and your location is hidden.

Cover or disable your webcam when not in use.

Be cautious of anyone who contacts you claiming to know a friend or relative of yours, or claiming to go to your school. Check this is true and tell a trusted adult.

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