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Read more about the senior community. CLICK the cover to view the latest edition of Senior Lifestyle.

Read more about the senior community. CLICK the cover to view the latest edition of Senior Lifestyle.

THE values of health and wellness among the ageing population are on the rise and the evidence is everywhere in our wonderful Bayside community.

From health and leisure centres within retirement villages to social clubs and organisations, ageing well now-a-days is practically an unavoidable resolution and there has been much support in the strengthening of such resources in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redland City Council values its city's older residents and their contribution to making Redlands Coast a better place through volunteering, local knowledge, life experience and more.

And Mayor Karen Williams said council appreciated its position in helping Redlands Coast seniors live active and fulfilling lives in this beautiful part of south-east Queensland.

"Council had already embarked on the journey towards becoming an age friendly city," she said.

"This concept, developed by the World Health Organisation, recognises that barriers in physical and social environments can have significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of people as they grow older.

"In an age friendly city, older people age actively, live securely, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society.

"This is what we want for our Redlands Coast seniors.

"Council is in the final stages of developing its Age Friendly Cities Action Plan, which will outline council's vision and roadmap for an inclusive Redlands Coast community where people of all ages can live well; and we look forward to sharing the plan with the community in coming months."

Retirement villages in the Redlands also support the healthy and fulfilling lives of seniors and the combination of leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools, wellness and allied health services are a certainty within them.

An example of this is 'Finngym' at Finncare, Thornlands - a specialised restorative gym designed specifically for seniors which is also offered to the greater senior community.

A recent development at Aveo's Freedom Aged Care community in Redland Bay has doubled its lifestyle and wellness amenities to include a swimming pool, men's shed, day spa and community vegetable gardens. There are also consultation rooms for visiting health professionals.

Meanwhile, Redland City Council is also working on a range of other initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of older residents.