GALLERY: Championing Redlands Coast launch highlights economist's research report

ALL IN: Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young with Redlands deputy mayor Julie Talty.
ALL IN: Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young with Redlands deputy mayor Julie Talty.

THE Redlands has 138 major projects and investments worth more than $6 billion.

These are the words of economist Mark Wallace as he presented his research at the launch of the Championing Redlands Coast initiative last night.

Earlier this year the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce partnered with local and state government and industry to deliver the program which aims to create a single narrative for the future of the city to attract investors, create jobs and improve lifestyles.

RPS group will undertake detailed research and engage with industry and business within the region.

The research sought to understand the city's project and infrastructure pipeline; identify employment and skilling opportunities; attract investment and business; assist in strategic direction and decision making; and help implement community and economic initiatives to improve the local economy overall.

Mr Wallace, an economist from the RPS Group, spoke about the research gathered on the project so far.

"While exacerbated by COVID-19 uncertainty in the short-term, the region needs a community culture that promotes investment in the region, for the benefit of future generations," he said.

Research showed the Redlands population was either very young or over the age of 65 years old, with about 56 jobs for every 100 workers in the region.

"Redlands needs to provide job opportunities for young residents so they don't leave the area for work," Mr Wallace said.

He outlined economic strengths including residential demand, business locations and an attractive lifestyle. Weaknesses flagged were an anti-development culture, children leaving the region and an aging population.

Chamber president Rebecca Young said the most powerful part of the research report is the engagement RPS had to undertake to bring to the surface all of the opportunity that already exists in our region.

"Through this engagement we are able to begin to understand the gaps and barriers projects may have and mitigate the issue before it arises, getting a successful outcome," she said.

"We can see from the project pipeline there is a lot to be positive about in our region, giving voice to the prosperity we have here (as I see it) is an import role of the chamber.

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