Slow start to RV parking plan in Redlands, preferred sites picked in Capalaba,Thorneside

TRAVELLERS WELCOME: Council wants to make the Redlands more RV friendly.
TRAVELLERS WELCOME: Council wants to make the Redlands more RV friendly.

PLANS to look at short stay facilities for recreational vehicles and caravans in the Redlands are underway, but some councillors are disappointed facilities will not be open for the holidays.

In August council resolved to investigate opportunities for RV overnight parking in the Redlands and officers were given three months to present council with a report.

In the officers report preferred RV spots were earmarked, including permanent short stay facilities the Capalaba Tavern, Norm Price Park and Jack and Edna Finney Reserve in Thorneside.

Preferred temporary facilities - which would be used for three to five years - were William Taylor Memorial Park in Birkdale, Jack and Edna Finney Reserve and a spot adjoining Cleveland Sharks Bowling Club.

In the latest development, officers will now undertake a economic needs assessment of short stay, non-commercial camping.

The issue of RV facilities in the Redlands has been under discussion for years, and various options have been considered and trialled since 2015.

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty said council wanted to progress with the RV parks but they needed more information about cost and benefits.

"We need more information on understanding the cost and justifications of public land and also doing other things to help people to provide for the grey nomads and travellers to expand our economic development in Redlands," she said.

"This is a two part process - we need to look at cost and benefits in a proper financial analysis and progress looking at sites from a practical perspective."

Cr Wendy Boglary said it was disappointing the parks were not opening up for December season and she hoped council could go forward with a site soon.

"When this was brought to council three months I hoped we would have progressed it further than this and we would be very excited now and going into next stage of something opening up for Christmas.

"Hopefully in four months time, we'll be where I hoped we'd be now."