Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter to visit Redlands College for showcase night

Students at Redlands College will have an opportunity to share their biggest and brightest ideas with one of Australia's most successful tech entrepreneurs.

SHARK: Entrepreneur Steve Baxter of the television show Shark Tank will judge the year 9 students' work.

SHARK: Entrepreneur Steve Baxter of the television show Shark Tank will judge the year 9 students' work.

As part of the school's project-based learning program Future Anything, year 9s will showcase innovative, sustainable and scalable business solutions to problems faced by marginal groups in society.

The students with the best ideas will present pitches to entrepreneur, tech start-up investor and Shark Tank Australia's Steve Baxter and Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

English teacher and organiser Fiona Mitchell said her students were thrilled to have someone of Mr Baxter's caliber at their school.

"Students and staff are beyond excited, this kind of event is not a common or expected way to teach these communication skills but it is a great way for them to learn practically," she said.

The students have been visited by some guest speaker entrepreneurs this term to inspire their stalls, and Ms Mitchell says it's a rare and special opportunity.

"As teachers, we can lecture all we want but I've never started a business, so having these authentic guest speakers with real experience who can pass on knowledge they've learnt from their businesses, it's really valuable," she said.

This is the first time it has been run at Redlands College, and Ms Mitchell said the students would find benefits for all their subjects.

The showcase will be on Monday June 14 in the College Heart at Redlands College.

"An event like this is so important because it's not only helping students with their English, it engages other subjects like business and health, they're encouraged to look into different ideas.

"In English, we're trying to make students the best communicators they can be, and when they're entering into such an unpredictable world, it's so crucial that they are deep creative thinkers, and that's the objective of the program," she said.