Choices Education: E-Edition

In the Redlands, there is an abundance of educational options to suit all needs and they are reflected in the pages of Education Choices.

Brought to you by the team from the Redland City Bulletin, inside these pages you'll find great tips and hints on how to make one of the most important decisions for your child by choosing the right school.

CLICK on the CHOICES EDUCATION cover to view the E-edition.

CLICK on the CHOICES EDUCATION cover to view the E-edition.

Helping kids succeed

Parents are a child's first teachers and the home is a child's first classroom.

As a parent you have a strong influence on your child's learning and development from their early years and through school.

Parents have a key role in shaping their child's values, attitudes and approaches to learning at home, at school, and beyond.

It is important that once a child starts school that parents remain involved in their schooling.

The Queensland Department for Education states, "Young people watch and listen to what adults say even if sometimes it seems like they don't!

"So when young people hear trusted adults being positive about school and talking about the possibilities that education can open up for a person, it can plant a seed that, with the right support, can flourish."

There can be significant benefits for children when parents build strong education connections.

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