Cleveland resident Lyn Cowley-Lahey fumes over Queensland-NSW border controls after having no choice to visit dying mum

Cleveland mum Lyn Cowley-Lahey has been visiting her terminally ill mother in palliative care in Kyogle, NSW for the past seven weeks.

HEARTBREAKING: Lyn Cowley-Lahey says goodbye to her mum Colleen Jeffery in Kyogle, NSW before heading home to Cleveland.

HEARTBREAKING: Lyn Cowley-Lahey says goodbye to her mum Colleen Jeffery in Kyogle, NSW before heading home to Cleveland.

But as the Queensland government clamps down on border controls, she is unable to see the 82-year-old woman and is frustrated with the latest rules.

"I have been spending weekends in NSW, visiting mum and supporting dad.... She knows we are there and can hear and recognise our voices. It also helps that my dad doesn't go home to an empty house on weekends," she said.

With border restrictions implemented last week, Ms Cowley-Lahey would now be forced into quarantine for 14 days when returning to Queensland.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Queensland-NSW border on Sunday to protest changes to entry requirements between the states, including a man on a horse.

NSW border bubble residents can cross only for essential purposes. Likewise, Queensland residents can enter the NSW border zone only for an essential purpose.

"It takes about three hours to drive to the hospital from here. I usually leave after work on Fridays. I have been traveling in and out, jumped through hoops with declarations... There have not even been any COVID cases in Kyogle or Woodenbong," Ms Cowley-Lahey said.

Her parents Bob and Colleen Jeffery have been married for 61 years and have been living at the family home in Woodenbong.

Mr Jeffery travels an hour every day to the hospital to feed his wife at lunch time as he has an end-of-life visit exemption.

Ms Cowley-Lahey said her parents and herself had been vaccinated.

"Mum has had health issues for a while and dad has helped care for her... They have aged care support packages and I have helped out with meals and visited regularly," she said.

She said her dad was vulnerable and she wanted to spend as much time with her mum as she could.

"The hospital wants support from family and I know what mum likes, what clothes she likes to wear... I massage her hands and feet, comb her hair," she said.

Ms Cowley-Lahey said she realised there were people in the same or worse situation as her, but she would like to be with her mother when it was time.

"I've decided to sit and wait now until the 11th hour and hope things improve and the Queensland premier lifts restrictions," she said.