Looking back on the year | Senior Lifestyle E-Edition

The summer edition: Warming up with a look back on 2021....

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CLICK on the cover to read this issue.

IN our second year of COVID, no one would argue that it's been a long, slow and drawn out winter.

Thankfully we've narrowly avoided most lockdowns over the cooler months and life has gone on as 'new normal' as possible.

We're a bit weary though. Stifling masks, social distancing, sanitising stations and QR check-ins mean that gone are the days of a quick trip to the shop for milk and bread. Isn't it just easier to stay at home and comb through the pantry for long life goods?

But fear not - summer is here (almost) and with COVID vaccination rates on the rise, it's time to hook up the caravan or book that resort stay (we'll steer clear of cruise ships just for now).

As the weather warms along with our hearts at the promise of hope on the horizon heading into 2022, let's take a look back at Senior Lifestyle, Bayside over the past year.