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YOUR SAY: Cleveland car parking is an issue

March 26 2022 - 10:00pm
Your Say: Redland reader letters. Cleveland car parking is an issue

Cleveland car parking is an issue

Thank you for the article about the parking chaos in Cleveland. I have emailed the council and received no response and given feedback (protesting about the idea) when the closure of the car park was proposed. Local businesses are losing customers, but they are also losing employee productivity as we go and play musical car parks a couple of times a day. As the RCC allocated car parks sit mostly empty, other RCC staff take up "general" car parks. Why can't RCC build a multi-level car park behind their building for their staff and open up some of the other RCC car parks (e.g. Kyling Lane) and the 12-hour car parks on the street for employees of other businesses? This would then free up the 3-hour spots for shoppers and appointments again. Amanda Kennewell, Thornlands