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YOUR SAY: Toondah, Shoreline and daylight saving

April 2 2022 - 10:00pm
Your Say: Redland readers' letters. Toondah, Shoreline and daylight saving

Toondah and now Shoreline

The massive, new Shoreline development being built on the southern shores of Redland Bay can only add to the problems already faced by critically endangered Eastern Curlews and other shorebirds. The Toondah proposal in Cleveland already threatens them. The Eastern Curlew, the largest migratory shorebird globally, needs very large areas to feed. They are very easily "spooked" by dogs, on and off-leash, and people. The estimated 10000 people moving to Shoreline will be living next to these feeding areas. Supposedly the mud and mangroves will deter people and dogs from disturbing the shorebirds, but experience shows that nothing will stop many people. "Dog-free" areas should be considered.