New marine science program at Redlands College

SCIENCE OF THE SEA: Marine science teacher Brad Lawrence with the school's new tank.
SCIENCE OF THE SEA: Marine science teacher Brad Lawrence with the school's new tank.

REDLANDS College’s new marine science program will see students taking to the Moreton Bay in a bid to understand and conserve local marine plant and animal species.

The program, which was introduced in term four 2018, is part of the school’s new senior syllabus.

Marine science teacher Brad Lawrence said the program would involve four main topics studied over two years—  oceanography, marine biology, marine systems and ocean issues and resource management.

He added that the program was designed with current environmental concerns in mind.

“There are some big issues in the media at the moment about climate change and how it affects the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

“That’s partly why the new program was designed— to attract the attention of the younger generation to these issues.

“Because we’re so close to the bay (and) a lot of students are out on the water on weekends, (introducing the program) was really a no brainer.”

Marine tanks have been installed for hands-on projects, and are set to be populated with fish and plant life.

“We want to grow and propagate coral (in the tanks) to understand reef health and sustainability,” Mr Lawrence said.

“We’ll have a focus on corals native to Moreton Bay and (ultimately) we’d love to get the corals we’re growing out in the bay.” 

Students would also be taking to the sea sailing for seagrass and examining water quality.

Mr Lawrence said there were ever-increasing career opportunities in marine biology, including in reef conservation and animal behaviour.

“The program will show students why we need to be passionate about protecting (the ocean) and how important it is for our lives on land,” he said.