The Office of Fair Trading issues second warning about goods sold out of white van in Redlands

THE Office of Fair Trading has issued its second warning in days of electronic equipment sold from the back of a white van in the Redlands.

On Wednesday, OFT received reports of people selling home theatre systems from the back of a white van at Victoria Point.

If comes just a day after OFT warned of people selling projectors, screens and electronic equipment from the back of a white van in the Cleveland area.

An OFT spokesperson asked for anyone who had seen the traders to phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) so OFT could track their movements and warn consumers.

"Goods sold out of the back of a vehicle are usually overpriced, damaged or do not live up to what's promised," the spokesperson said.

"Buyers have no way to get a refund or exchange if the item is faulty, as car boot traders usually vanish after the sale."