Redlands school students flocked to RPAC for Fiftysix Creation's Young Entrepreneurs Summit

MORE than 550 students from 45 schools attended the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Summit at Redland Performing Arts Centre on Friday.

The event, organised by Fiftysix Creations, gave budding young entrepreneurs the chance to collaborate with fellow students and the best business minds in Australia.

Fiftysix Creations founder Taj Pabari, who started his entrepreneurial education business at age 14, said students at the summit ranged in age from prep to grade 12.

"They're in a room with people who they might end up starting a business with and we think that is really exciting," he said.

"We think the workforce of the future demands flexibility, people who are adaptable and people who can think on their feet.

"When you start putting keynote speakers together with kids as young as five that can be a real catalyst for change across the Redlands and Logan."

Speakers included business owners and entrepreneurs like Vanessa Garrard, Leeanne Bond, Ian Mason and former Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice.

Mr Pabari said he started Fiftysix Creations because he wanted students to have the entrepreneurial education that he missed out on.

"We had conferences growing up but they were boring," he said. "You listened to boring speakers talk about their boring lives.

"We wanted to make our summit an opportunity to hear real people - not just senior entrepreneurs but young entrepreneurs that are brand new like Jack Bloomfield who is a teenage millionaire."

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