Ormiston State School class of 1949 look back on golden days at reunion lunch

SINCE 1998, Ormiston State School's graduating class of 1949 have been getting together to reminisce about their childhoods over lunch.

The group, who grew up within a few kilometres of each other, share a tight bond that has stood the test of time.

Class of 1949 member Roger Duffy said he started rounding up his friends for a formal catch up on the eve of their 49th reunion.

"I started asking around and ringing around, even going on radio at one stage to see if I could find anyone," he said.

"We decided to have our first one just down the road from the school at what we used to call Mrs Pitt's shop.

"From then on we started going to each other's houses and taking turns at hosting.

"Then we thought it was a bit awkward so we started going out (to clubs and restaurants)."

The group celebrated their 70th reunion at Redlands RSL Club on Friday, marking 21 years since getting together for the first time.

Mr Duffy said the group often chatted about how the Redlands had changed since the forties when Ormiston State School had just one teacher and the suburb was surrounded by farms.

"There was only 14 in a class," he said. "It was so small we used to take on new students every two years.

"I walked home with some of them because they lived down the same street as me.

"It was a happy little school and very tight knit because of its size."

Mr Duffy said the group met two times a year.

"After the funeral of one of our scholars we decided once a year was not enough," he said.

"It is always a good time. Everyone enjoys themselves. We sit there for a good hour afterwards talking."

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