Redlands Hockey to host sign-on sessions during February as club's 14th season edges closer

REDLANDS Hockey will host four sign-on events during February as they look to recruit more players ahead of their 14thseason.

BIG STRIDES: Redlands Hockey are looking for new players to join the club ahead of their 14th season.

BIG STRIDES: Redlands Hockey are looking for new players to join the club ahead of their 14th season.

The club, which plays out of Henry Ziegenfusz Park at Cleveland, has more than 300 members and caters for junior and senior players at competitive and non-competitive levels.

A number of families took part in a social season held after coronavirus restrictions on community sport were relaxed midway through last year.

Bernie Systa said she enjoyed being able to take the field with her two daughters.

"My husband (also) loves being able to play hockey with our two sons," she said. "I'm grateful that hockey has enabled us to play a family sport."

The club aims to provide development opportunities for its promising juniors, having recently had three players represent the Met East team at the under 12 schoolboy state championships.

The trio won gold after drawing the final against Wide Bay.

Rising stars Sarah Swann, Jacinta Fisher and Aaron Nyqvist have also made it to the next level and will travel to Ipswich in February after being chosen for the 2021 Queensland 16 years development squad.

A club spokesperson said introductory sessions would be held throughout the year for juniors wanting to trial the sport.

"Hockey is a sport for all ages and abilities, with Redlands running all games on Saturdays at the same venue," they said.

"Hockey continues to grow as a sport in the Redlands, so there's never been a better time to get you and your kids involved in this amazing sport."

Sign-on days will be held at Henry Ziegenfusz Park on February 6, 7 and 21. Sport First Victoria Point will also host an event on February 13.

Prospective players could register their interest with the club by emailing

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