Sheldon College and Ormiston College teachers among the top innovators in Australia

FOUR Redlands teachers have been named among the 53 movers and shakers in Australian education, according to The Educator magazine.

INNOVATION: Vanessa Noonan teaches students in Sheldon College's new ArtScapes facility.

INNOVATION: Vanessa Noonan teaches students in Sheldon College's new ArtScapes facility.

Jack Pincott and Ashley Greene of Ormiston College, and Murray James and Vanessa Noonan of Sheldon College have been recognised for using technological innovations in their classrooms.

The teachers were nominated by students and colleagues and went through a selection process conducted by The Educator.

In the past, Ms Greene has been named an Australian Microsoft innovative educator expert for her work in using mixed-reality technologies as an educational tool.

“I find that by integrating technology into the classroom, I am providing students with the tools that can help them succeed in the 21st century,” Ms Greene said.

“Mixed reality technology allows us to enhance student learning experiences by providing spatial understanding, memorisation and mental imagery.  

“This year we used mixed reality to investigate phobias (and) students in my class exposed participants to simulations of extreme heights and measured their heart rate.

“They continued to expose the participants to investigate whether mixed reality could be used as a platform to treat individuals with height phobias.”

Mr Pincott, Ormiston College's activities dean, has worked to bring e-sports into the school environment, and said the technology had potential to develop students’ interpersonal and technological skills.

“Fundamentally, it is a competition that involves multi-players working in teams to strategise solutions within an online game,” Mr Pincott said.

“E-sports programs involve sportsmanship, communication, positive online conduct, resilience, fair play and team building.”

From Sheldon College, ICT director Murray James and digital pedagogy and innovation head Vanessa Noonan were awarded for their work with the college's learning and innovation for a new Queensland precinct and art facility.

“The LINQ Precinct learning spaces are designed for the purpose of providing a collaborative environment,” a Sheldon College spokesperson said.

“This year Sheldon College opened ArtScapes, which is an extension of the LINQ Precinct and is aligned with the college’s philosophy of creative, interactive and innovative learning experiences.

“A major facet of the facility is the learning galaxy, an amalgamation of virtual and mixed reality tools, creative teaching and learning programs.”

This year, with the aid of these technologies, Sheldon College students created a living museum, developing 3D artefacts, soundscapes, physical artworks, holograms, and virtual experiences to map historical milestones.

Students also planned a space mission using a virtual simulation of mars, remotely controlling a robot over a recreation of the planet’s surface. 

The spokesperson said digital innovations are key to adapting students to new ways of working and learning, and students have been embracing the hard work done by Mr James and Ms Noonan.